Find the best Instagram hashtags for your posts in 2019 (User case)

An in-depth walkthrough on how we find the best Instagram hashtags to grow a following and increase engagement. πŸ“Έ

Elliott Davies

Elliott Davies


Today we are showing you the process and strategy created by the Flick team for powerful results. Before we start, it's important to remember the most important aspect of hashtag research is to understand that every post is different and needs its very own set of hashtags.

With that in mind, I'll break down my process in a few simple steps:

-Step 1:πŸ•΅πŸΌβ€ Understand your account's niche

-Step 2:πŸ“ˆ Β Utilise analytics from previous posts

-Step 3:🧐 Define your target audience based on the content to be posted

-Step 4: πŸš€ Unleash Flick's power

Step 1: πŸ•΅πŸΌβ€ Understand your account's niche

This seems obvious but isn't always easy. You need to have a crystal clear understanding of the type of people who might be interested in your account. Don't worry, this can easily be done by making a broad search on Flick.

Simply type the broadest topic your niche covers into the search bar. Flick will output a bunch of relevant hashtags/topics that your audience is interested in.

Pro tip: Within Flick, I usually use a hashtag output limit of 30 so I can quickly find a few different areas my audience could be interested in.

Here I'm using the example of landscape photography (#Landscapephotography). From this search I was able to isolate different topics similar to landscape photography that people are interested in and they engage with.

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Step 2: πŸ“ˆ Β Utilise analytics from previous posts

Now that you have a general idea of the broad topics your audience engages with - it's time to take a look at at your own account and calculate your average likes (over the last 12 posts is usually accurate enough) and note this down.

If you use Instagram often, then you may have noticed that certain hashtags are more competitive than others. This means, depending on your account size and engagement it will be easier to 'rank' on certain hashtags. This will become very relevant in step 4.

To continue with my example above, assume the account I am doing research for has 12,000 followers and receives 600 average likes per post.

Step 3: 🧐 Define your target audience based on the content to be posted

This is where "step 1" will come in handy. If you are doing Instagram right, your posts will always be relevant to your target audience or at least to a sub-section of it.

Look at the research you made in Step 1 and pick out the sub-topics you found that your post fits into.

For my example, I will use the picture below. As you can see it fits into my account's niche of 'landscape photography' but if I define this specific piece of content further it would come under the mountain landscape and nature sub-niches.

Step 4: πŸš€ Unleash Flick's power

This is when everything comes together, you know your audience, you know your account's stats and you know the sub-topics your next posts fall into. At this point you are just 3 simple steps away from your next post:

1. Go into Flick and enter your sub-topics into the search - don't use filters yet.

Here I've searched for:


2. For my example, I will be expanding relevant hashtags utilising the 'staircase method' which means I'm aiming to finish my session with clusters of hashtags that have between 66% and 200% of the average likes I receive.

If you'd like to read more about the Staircase strategy, read our blog post on it here

Here's what those numbers look like using my example account.

Average likes per post = 600
66% of 600 = 400 (600*0.66)
200% of 600 = 1200 (600*2)

What this looks like in Flick:

After expanding a few hashtags using the average likes filters, this is where I get to.

As you can see Flick has outputted lots of relevant hashtags such as "snowcappedmountains" - pretty accurate right?

3. Now we have a wide selection of hashtags that are relevant to both our niche, content and account size, it's time to pick the hashtags that are the most relevant for your post.

Here are a few of the hashtags I've picked out for our example account based on the audience, the post and the average engagements.

#mountainlake Β #intothewild #mountainculture #climbingmountains #mountainlovers #landscapeslovers #outdoorbloggers #adventureinspired #winterlandscape #snowlandscape #beautifulwinter #tourtheplanet #mountainadventures Β #snowcappedmountains #mountainpeak #topofthemountain #lakephotography #alpinism #natgeoadventures #puremountain #mountainlandscape

VOILA! You've found the best hashtags for your post and you can be confident that your post will reach your target audience.

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Good luck and don't hesitate to contact the Flick team if you have any questions. πŸŽ‰

P.S: If you'd like further understand why Instagram hashtags are so important read our comprehensive guide.

Find the best Instagram hashtags for your posts in 2019 (User case)
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