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How to use Flick’s Viral Post Finder
Sam King
Sam King
Posted Fri Oct 04 2019
In How to use Flick

Whether you’re looking to re-post trending content or find inspiration for your next post; Flick’s Viral Post Finder makes discovering top-performing Instagram content easy.


  • Track up to 5 different hashtags at any one time
  • An infinite number of top-performing posts from each hashtag
  • Download pictures to your device in a single click

To get started, input a hashtag that you’d like to see the trending content of, this will now be tracked in the Viral Post Finder and accessible at any time! 

Here’s an example, for #architecturedaily



If you’ve used up all five hashtag slots and would like to swap one out for a new hashtag, you need to click ‘stop tracking’ on and wait 24 hours for the slot to be open.