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How to use Flick’s Hashtag Collections
Sam King
Sam King
Posted Thu Oct 03 2019
In How to use Flick, Instagram Hashtags

Having a well organized and frequently updated hashtag storage system can help you save time, improve results and test different groups of hashtags! Enter Hashtag Collections, the #1 place to organize and manage your Instagram hashtags.

👷‍♀️You can build a Hashtag Collections by: 

  • Importing in an existing hashtag list 
  • Finding hashtags using Flick’s Hashtag Search

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to organizing your hashtags, however, we would suggest creating a variety of different hashtag groups using inspiration from some of Flick’s top users!  

Based on the hashtag type 

  • Location hashtags 
  • Topic-specific hashtags 
  • Community Hashtags
  • Audience specific hashtags 

Learn more about the different types of Instagram Hashtags here:

Based on the potential content to be posted

  • Black and white photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Landscape photography

Creating ahead of time for specific posts

  • Post 1 – Vegan Smoothie recipe
  • Post 2 – Vegetarian lunch ideas
  • Post 3 – Gluten-free dessert inspiration 

Based on top-performing posts for re-purposing & analyzing

  • #1 best performing post of July
  • #2 best performing post of July
  • #3 best performing post of July

Based on Average like ranges

  • Marketing #’s 100-200 average likes
  • Marketing #’s 200 – 300 average likes
  • Marketing #’s 300 – 400 average likes

Now you’ve got your hashtags organized, they’re available for whenever you need them.

  • If you’re scheduling posts from your laptop, you can easily copy hashtags from your collections via the Flick desktop app.
  • If you’re looking to access your hashtags whilst on the move, you can copy hashtag collections via the Flick mobile app.  (Coming soon).